4 steps to a better Resume

Hello, readers ! We all had faced the day when we had to sit and draft a “proper” resume, but halfway through we are caught in the dilemma of what to include and what not to. 

Well we did a little digging and came up with the following tips to brighten up your resume.

1. Prioritize your Projects

Experience is what recruiters look for in a candidate, for a fresher who has little to no professional exposure, experience in building projects is most sought after. The interviewer needs to know what technology you have worked on and whether you have enough hands on experience in that domain.Projects can vary from any domain across any platform, can vary from mini projects to major ones, innovation is a major plus but what matters most is whether you have mastered the tips and tricks of that domain or not.Also make sure to prioritize the projects according to the field you have applied. For a software company a project in IoT will be more relative than a project on mechanical subjects. 

2. Internships and Industrial Exposure

A common misconception about internships is that it should be done in senior years at college, but in those last two years we have a lot busier schedule than in initial two years.

Online internships should be applied for from the first year itself, be it for content writing, or web development or even for sales internship, every experience counts.Create your profile on all online internship platforms such as Internshala, Lets Intern, etc.

If you are good at any skill such as creative writing or web designing start creating your profile in any freelancing website such as Fiverr, Upwork and spark your hustle.

If there are any in campus startups around volunteer to work for them, you might not get any certifications but the experience would be worth it.

Try your hand in being a campus ambassador for any event organised by a reputed institution.

Get in touch with as many as you can, the more you communicate the more you will learn and people would know you.

Industrial training can be done in the later years as they are mainly base on the core subjects and you need to know the theory before you go for the practical implementation. 

3. Work on Research papers

Industry experts prefer candidates who have a knack for research and have taken a step further to explore and gain expertise in a field. Having a research paper in your name(collaborated with a researcher) will give you an extra edge and also helps to be introduced to the community of student researchers.Get in touch with your teachers (lecturers) and volunteer to help them in their work, you will get plenty of opportunities to collaborate with them.

4. Make your mark online

Learning while contributing

Make your online presence count, create profile in as many learning platforms like hackerank, hackerearth, sololearn etc and start learning, earn points, batches and improve your rankings by upgrading your skills and competing in the contests and hackathons. You can show your rankings or the achievements on your profile for the world to know, and if you can rank well you can add them on your resume.

Make your contribution to opensource platform such as GitHub, doesn’t matter how simple your contribution is. Start small, be consistent you will be recognized eventually.

Also try solving real life problems through project ideas, there are many platforms such as TCS DISQ( Digital Impact Square), Accenture innovation challenge, Bengalathon, etc where you can contribute and get known as an innovator. Which can add colors to the accomplishment section of your resume.

So, these were a few tips how to improve your resume also help you explore different fields which will go a long way in getting clarity to find where your calling for your passion is.

So, put on your trekking shoes, start exploring and lets us know if you find any new frontiers we all should explore.


Poor planning trend in Education

The choice of responsibility

It is a common choice of ours to blame the “outdated” Education System of India for any hurdles, we stumble upon, be it a 8th standard student who fails to perform a 3 digit multiplication or be it a graduate engineer who never worked on a project that was innovative, the fingers are pointed at the system.

But is it really the fault of our education system? Or is it someone else’s?

Lets review the facts…

A Gamble for Choice

Its no surprise that our careers were decided the day we were born, but some of the most pivotal decision in career are taken in haste or as a result of poor counselling. The very first and the most important decision a student makes is the stream to choose from Science/Arts/Commerce, and because of poor counselling in Schools the mark-sheet scores a point against passion. That single irreversible decision is the most important decision in a student’s journey and is most gambled upon.

But that’s not all…

Being an engineering student let me take you through the journey a typical student walks through.

A student who just bid farewell to his/her school after the dreadful boards, starts preparing for Engineering entrance exams. With a motivation of just getting into IITs and NITs, and not realizing the difference it would make in the next phase of career, the student fails to perform and opts for private colleges.

Thus a decision of the quality of life was taken in split seconds.

Its now time for counselling. With no proper channel to guide, the student relies on words of mouth, or the parents, among whom the traditional core sectors of are the popular choices not realizing that they are living in an era of digital revolution. Thus a confused student who is not even given a basic guide for counselling and choice of college, ends up making a rash decision and into a college that he/she knows nothing about.

Now halfway through the college life the student gets busy amidst the fests, functions, and the mind boggling academic assignments failing to plan the way ahead and goes with the flow.

Its the pre-final year when the student realizes their goal, some aims for higher studies others gets ready for placements. But had they realized this was coming and started preps earlier they would have increased their chances for success.

And that is the common template a student is mold in, where numerical letters of marks are written in bold, and strategy and skill set on hold.

However, with the tremendous efforts made by the education department in recent years we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the system, maybe its time we look closer for someone to blame.

So, what is your story? Do you agree with us or got a different story to tell?